Our Products

We offer a comprehensive range of business products in order to help our customers future-proof their businesses

Home EV Chargers

Whether you are providing home chargers as part of a salary sacrifice program or to support field-based operations we can provide the right type of charger for the job.

Business EV Chargers

To support office based charging we can provide a range of trickle, rapid or ultra rapid chargers to support your business case.

Ultra-Rapid EV Chargers

When mission critical hardware is required we can supply our highest performance ultra-rapid chargers to ensure your fleet maintains operational continuity.

Flexible Financing

Let’s work together to build a flexible financial plan that is operationally viable and adheres to your budget.

Upgrade & Warranty Contracts

We deliver warranty and upgrade support into our solutions to give you peace of mind that your long-term strategy is supported.

Maintenance and Service Contracts

All products come with maintenance and service contracts attached.

Fabrication Services

If there is a bespoke requirement we can fabricate specific hardware and equipment requirements to order – again under warranty and support agreements.

Groundworks and Installation

We support enterprise scale projects with dedicated teams of groundworks engineers, electricians and delivery personnel.

Project Management

Let us take away the headache of project managing your eMobility program – we can delivery, source and supply all elements to ensure we achieve your timelines and budgets.

Other Energy Options Available

Solar Panels

We supply a range of solar panels in order to augment your energy requirements and build a robust usage strategy.

Battery and Energy Storage

Ensure you maximise fleet and depot operations by adding in energy storage devices to optimise your grid requirements.

Wind Turbines

Generate additional energy and sell back to the grid to offset energy costs and improve RoI.

Electric Vehicle Sourcing

As part of any salary sacrifice or employee benefit solution we can source a wide array of electric cars, vans and trucks.

Autonomous EV Sourcing

Drive efficiencies and lower costs across your business with the use of electric autonomous vehicles – we work with key suppliers and can source your ideal solution.

Electric Aircraft Sourcing

We have partnered with key aerospace suppliers to launch electric aircraft for short haul air-taxi services – at 1/10th the operating cost they are ideal for smaller domestic airports.